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Winter LAN Update February 7th, 2014

Hope you're ready, for the biggest baddest LAN party in Arkansas!! With only 2 days to go, here's what you need to know.

1000 Fianna Way Fort Smith, AR 72919

Game Schedule:
You should buy, install and update the following games before you come to the LAN.
02:00PM Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
04:00PM Chivalry Medieval Warfare
06:00PM Warsow
08:00PM Team Fortress 2
10:00PM Call of Juarez 2
12:00AM League of Legends

Other Games to Expect
Call of Duty 2
Unreal Tournament 2004
Dota 2
Call of Duty 4 (starwars mod)
Battlefield 4
Natural Selection 2
Quake 3

See you there!!


League of Legends Tournament February 7th, 2014

Here are the contending teams, poised for battle on the Fields of Justice. Each match will be played on Summoner's Rift using tournament draft. The winning team will receive $25 to split or given to their MVP. Each summoner will also receive 4 FSL points and a can of Bawls. That's the best we can do

Team #1 - Peoples Front of Judea
Tetsu Karasu

Team #2 - Nipple Hamsters
Hamster Reborn

Team #3 - Rammus Balls (unless another name is decided upon)

Team #4 - The Misfits (unless another name is decided upon)


Winter LAN Announcement January 10th, 2014

FSLAN will be hosting our winter LAN party on February 8th from 2pm to 2am at the Golden Living corporate office in Fort Smith. Due room capacity restrictions, this is an invite and pre-pay only LAN. We don’t like doing it like this, but we really have no choice. We have a total of 50 seats, 29 of which are available to those invited from outside Golden Living. If you have not received an invite, and would like one, please contact me at LightBringer@FSLAN.com. Admission will $15 prepay which will cover your pizza and all day gaming. We look forward to seeing you all there!

More to come soon!


Autumn LAN Announcement November 4th, 2013

Gamers, Are you ready?! FSLAN and NWALAN will be hosting our Autumn LAN on November 30th from 10am to midnight, at the BTI room in Fayetteville. We have room for about 35 gamers, and entry will be $10 at the door. We will have some cheese dip, but besides that, bring you own snacks. Come join us in the fragging fun

More announcements to come soon!


Pre-Quakecon LAN - Final Update July 11th, 2013

The following games will be played Saturday:

Free2Play Games:
Team Fortress 2
League of Legends
Quake Live

Retail Games:
Unreal Tournament 3
Counter-Strike: GO
Call of Duty 4
Call of Juarez 2
Chivalry Medieval Warefare

Here are links to installs for the Free2Play games we will be hosting at the LAN:
Team Fortress 2 - Requires: Steam
Quake Live
League of Legends

Please be sure to install and update all games with the most recent patch prior to the LAN.

See you Saturday!


Pre-Quakecon LAN Party! June 17th, 2013

Hello Gamers, It's time once again for our annual Pre-Quakecon LAN Party!. The date is set for July 13th. We plan to have about 45 attendees, and it will be held at the Goldenliving corporate building from 2pm to 2am. Unfortunately, this is again an invite only LAN, we are limited to 29 attendees from outside Goldenliving. If you would like to come and haven't received an invite, please e-mail us at: admin@FSLAN.com


FSLAN Announcement June 12th, 2012

Hello Gamers! It's been awhile but we're still here, and we're still gaming! It's time again for FSLAN to host another LAN party. We'll be holding our Summer LAN on July 7th and plan to have about 40 attendees. It will be held at the Goldenliving corporate building from 3pm to 3am. We are starting a little later then we normally do this time around. Also, this is an invite only LAN, as we are limited to 29 attendees from outside Goldenliving. If you would like to come and haven't received an invite, please e-mail me at: LightBringer@FSLAN.com

More announcements to come soon!


Pre-Quakecon LAN June 28th, 2011

There�s a lot of activity on the horizon for FSLAN and the Arkansas gaming community. First, we are having the Pre-Quakecon LAN party with the NWALAN crew in Fayetteville on the 23rd of July. Bring your PC for gaming from 10am to midnight. Admission is $10 at the door and we have room for about 40 gamers. Next, there�s Quakecon! It will be August 4th -7th in Dallas Texas, at the Hilton Anatole. If you haven�t gone before, this is your chance. Hit us up on the forums or shoot one of us an email. Lastly, we have a new sponsor, R&D Anime! They sell cases of Bawls and are excited to work with us at our future events. That�s all for now, but stay tuned for more!!


FSLAN update February 22th, 2011

We are excited to announce 3 more proud sponsors of FLSAN�s Winter LAN party. Davis Computer Works, Health Depot, and BAWLS! Be sure and check out their links here on our homepage! If you are attending this weekend, please take the time to patch your games and update Steam before you come. We want every gamer to have the best experience, and updating all your games and clients prior to the LAN party will help a lot! You can find most of the patches you need on our Files page, while you�re at it, check out the new video of our last LAN on our Media page. See you all there!


FSLAN Registration is now closed February 16th, 2011

Registration is now officially closed as we are at capacity. We had a goal set for 45 gamers and exceeded it. 51 are now prepaid and 65 have registered!! So now we are raising the cap to our max of 55. This means only 4 more seats, and the first to pre-pay will get them. Unfortunately, this means 10 gamers that signed up will be on a waiting list. We will do our best to accommodate as many as possible but we just cant fit over 55. If you have any questions just let us know. We will keep you apprised of any changes as the date approaches!


Only two weeks left! February 11th, 2011

Only two weeks remain before the fraging begins. We have 58 gamers registered and 34 have pre-paid. Remember, only attendees that have pre-paid are guaranteed one of the 45 spots we have. MenofGod and SteelSeries have already hooked us up with some cool prizes and CPU magazine will be sending some issues our way. We plan to provide some snacks throughout the day and Pizza around 6:30 or so. Remember to patch and update your steam games before you come. If you have any questions please email one of us or post on our forums. Get ready guys and gals! We're going to have a blast!


2008 Fort Smith LAN Thank you for sponsoring us